Might and Magic 7 Mod

Greetings and Salutations!

This website is dedicated to custom mod for Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor, a party-based role-playing video game developed by New World Computing and published in 1999.

The Dream

Ever wanted to play something similar? Got too bored of replaying same game over and over again? You're thinking about trying something new, but within a same game? Such dream is possible to materialize, create something like "expansion" for the current game:

  • New world to see!
  • New dungeons to explore!
  • New towns to visit!
  • New monsters to beat!
  • New quests to enjoy!

So, let's make it happen. This project is quite ambitious and needs your support. Here are the ways of achieving that...


If you really wish to help, then there's no better way to make it happen, but through the Patreon!

Become a Patron!

I'm looking forward to hear your feedback, advices, ideas and your vision towards the project. Leave it on social media or even better - on dedicated Discord server!

Or, if you're into crypto..

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Hover down for links to get the sources of latest information. Mind that project's discord server always gets latest stuff first (with more content).

Dungeon is done! Mod continues its development focusing mainly on new outdoor map - Amber Island. This one is planned to have couple of dungeons, one dozen of quests and more! Big portion of work is already materialized!

Latest video:

Latest screens:

Latest Screen #1
Latest Screen #1

Try it Now!

Play the first finished custom dungeon right now. It takes about an hour to complete it.

  • You need a fresh copy of the game, preferably from GOG.
  • Next, you have install latest patch (v2.5.4) by Sergey Rozhenko aka GrayFace. Get it from his website or just download from here.
  • Finally, download mod and unpack it inside installed game folder. Start playing by launching mm7.exe!

Mod is shipped with slightly modified mm7.ini configuration file. It has mouse look (activate by pressing middle mouse button) and alway-strafe mode enabled by default.

It would be best to change keyboard controls on your first run - the old is kinda archaic.


Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #1


Youtube - in case you haven't noticed it, this project has specially designated youtube channel.

Celestial Heavens Forum Thread - good old forum, dedicated to all that is might and magic, has a thread specially created for this project. After major updates on discord, this comes second in priority.

Twitter - my personal twitter account dedicated to gamedev topics including this mod.

Reddit r/MightAndMagic - once in a blue moon I publish something juicy there!

Might And Magic Fan Discord - I'm suprised this discord server exists (around ~1k people). A must-have for any mm fan!


My name is Henrik Chukhran and I'm indie game developer from Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Recently, I've released a game - Smintheus, action-adventure puzzle game with crafting and stuff.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter.